Ann Lancaster

Portfolio of the Seattle-based visual artist & graphic designer
© Ann Lancaster



Oil on Canvas, October 2014, 36"x30", Gifted to the band Mew in November 2014

Process Book (PDF)

Mew - Summer Festivals 2014

Oil on Canvas, 24"x36", October 2014

Stevens Pass

Oil on Canvas, 24"x36", April 2015, Commissioned

Comforting Sounds

Jonas Bjerre of Mew - based on the music video for the song "Comforting Sounds"

Oil on canvas, 36"x24", August 2013


The long-lived office cat Lotus from the Omni Group. Donation to commemorate her life and the new office space.

Oil on canvas, 24" x 36", December 2012

Gus Unger-Hamilton

Gus Unger-Hamilton from Alt-J. Based on a photo taken by Carlo Polisano.

Oil on canvas, 24"x36", January 2013